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Mission Possible: Launch works to help Exceptional children lead Extraordinary lives.

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Since August 2015, Launch has served over 1,100 children with disabilities and their families by providing outpatient speech, occupational, and physical therapy services, parent support groups, social groups, community awareness, and community support. Over 90 percent of the families served live in Livingston Parish. Additionally, 64 percent of the children served receive Medicaid.
It is our goal to provide services close to home and school to allow participation in typical activities of childhood to the maximum extent possible. We work closely with the school system to extend services already provided or to refer directly into Pupil Appraisal or Child Search. Another goal is to provide needed services beyond what is covered by insurance and Medicaid. This might include social groups, camps, family support, and community awareness. Lastly, Launch strives to integrate the child into the community by supporting individuals, businesses, and programs. This support increases the success of the child’s participation in the community. This enriches the lives of both the children and the community we serve. It is our mission to help exceptional children lead extraordinary lives.

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